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About the Ayden Rae Foundation

The Ayden Rae Foundation was formed after the loss of Ayden Rae Pack. Her Mom and Dad, Vanessa and Perry Pack, created the foundation with the mission to aid in the discovery of a cause and cure for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). Vanessa experienced HG with each pregnancy. After several miscarriages and three successful deliveries, she did her best to forget about the symptoms of HG, not wanting to relive the nightmare.

It was not until her seventh pregnancy, and the loss of Ayden Rae, that she decided enough is enough. The Packs realized their true passion was to save the lives of HG babies and mothers by fighting for a cause and cure for HG. The Packs, still longing to have another child after losing Ayden Rae, suffered through several more miscarriages. It was not until Vanessa’s 11th pregnancy that they were finally successful. The HG success story of that final pregnancy is an amazing one.

Based on her pregnancy with Ayden Rae, her high-risk OB team did not feel she or the baby would survive HG this time. At seven weeks, her doctors decided the best approach was to terminate Vanessa’s pregnancy. She heard the words, “We have your termination procedure scheduled for tomorrow morning and we will have counselors ready to help you through the process.”

Vanessa gathered all of her strength and said, “I thought I had been admitted into Loma Linda University Medical Center. Maybe I mistakenly checked into our local community hospital as this defeatist advice is what I received from them!”

Looking at her admissions paperwork she said, “Keep the termination scheduled. You can all draw straws to see who will be attending it.” As the doctors’ jaws dropped, Vanessa stated, “I am going to die trying to have my baby! You go figure out what you are going to do to help us live!”

“This is suicide,” they whispered as they walked out of her room to figure out what they were going to do to save this mother and baby’s lives.

Several hours later, the OB Team returned with a plan. Loma Linda had been conducting research with a procedure called a PEG Tube. The medical team advised of the potential risks and asked Vanessa if she wanted to undergo the surgery.

Even with the fearful unknowns, but faithful to their baby and the life he would lead as an HG Survivor, Perry and Vanessa agreed to the surgery.

The treatment was successful and a healthy baby boy, Eragon Cade, was born on December 12, 2009. This successful birth, and the education Perry and Vanessa gained, drove them to found an organization with the mission of accomplishing the paramount goal of saving other families from the loss the Packs experienced with Ayden Rae.

They would fight for mothers and babies by finding a cause and a cure for HG. It is the Ayden Rae Foundation’s hope that through proper research and education, families will no longer be victims of a condition that forces families to experience the emotional devastation caused by losing a child. We hope to one day eliminate a disease that has been documented destroying the lives of families back to the eighteenth century.

We believe through this education and research, a cause will be determined and a cure will be discovered for HG. Our goal is to eliminate Hyperemesis Gravidarum; a condition that will no longer be allowed to claim the innocent and destroy the lives of those who are left living without the babies they loved and wanted.

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