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Print Posted By Ayden Rae Foundation on 09/04/2017

Kate Middleton Announces Third Pregnancy

Kate Middleton Announces Third Pregnancy

It is our hope that The Duke and Duchess will became Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Advocates due to their personal #HGjourney. By doing so they could aid in helping with resources that will help #HGsufferers and their families survive "One Day At A Time", assist with awareness campaigns and help further research efforts and so much more. Congratulations to our #HGsister Kate Middleton and her beautiful family in regards to the latest announcement as they are expecting their third child. Kate, your #HGsisters are here to support you "One Day At A Time (((Hugs)))

Please know that you are never alone!

Thank you,

Perry Pack & Vanessa Pack

Ayden Rae's Daddy and Mommy


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