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Donate & Save Lives

Save Lives: Fund HG Awareness & Support

Imagine pregnancy without fear of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Imagine pregnancy where your daughter, friend, mother, or sister doesn’t have to worry about suffering with this condition. 

While we have made tremendous progress in the fight, babies are still dying from HG. This is unacceptable.

HG is estimated to occur in one of every fifty pregnancies, with severe cases requiring hospital admission occurring in an estimated three percent of all pregnancies in countries that report pregnancy statistics. In cases of severe HG, 1-in-3 babies die before birth.

When you donate to the Ayden Rae Foundation, you are joining us in the fight against this dangerous complication for pregnant women.

Your donations are vital for creating awareness and providing support for those suffering from HG. Help us find a cure for HG and save the lives of mothers and babies worldwide.

What Does My Donation Fund?

The Ayden Rae Foundation is a 501(c)(3) California Corporation. As a contributor to the Ayden Rae Foundation, your donations are tax-deductible.
(Consult your CPA or tax professional).

The Ayden Rae Foundation is, has, and always will operate under a full disclosure policy. If you have any questions about making a contribution to the Ayden Rae Foundation, please contact us or consult your CPA or tax professional.

Ayden Rae Foundation members are volunteer and do not receive salaries, stipends, or other forms of monetary compensation. We guarantee that 100 percent of your donation will be used to further our Mission in providing advocacy to those suffering from HG as well as expanding outreach for education, research and eventual cure. We have one paid employee Dr. Jordan Cohen, he's an amazing chiropractor who provides services and support for local families and his pay is covered by a generous corporate donor and is not compensated by public donations.

We are forever grateful for your support of our promise to save lives and end Hyperemesis Gravidarum! 



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